Dani Gioia

Dani Gioia

Dani Gioia.

My name is Dani Gioia, Through art my intention is to express maybe two things that Jesus did; He brought something that is not visible to everyone and He came breaking traditions thus bringing fresh air. This is my purpose. 

To be able to bring fresh air and reveal a new perspective to conventional photography. However, the kind of images that emerge from 99% of photographers have little to do with creation; it seems recently the game is to make better routine images than someone else's routine images. 

But for me photographs keep secrets, just as people do. That is why, subtly I seek to omit information, to leave a photograph incomplete, and so our mind will seek to create a story by filling in those gaps. 

What is the art of photography for me? To know how to see and observe at the same time, with visual curiosity as everything is fluctuating as I move and so different elements come into focus in different perspectives.

Being aware of textures generated by different patterns, patterns creating a rhythm. An instant that will not be repeated again along with the beauty of a serene light or a dramatic shadow.

Knowing how to express, looking for something that has impact fused to an aesthetic composition. The game is in diligently and ingeniously arranging all these elements within a rectangle. Create and inspire with it, then reveal it to others by telling a story.

To see, to explore, to observe. To imagine, to compose, to express. Create, tell, reveal. And inspire.  I wouldn't know how else to explain it, I try to make my photography a changing verb in constant action.  The observer as creator.

The observer as creator.

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