Isaac Vasquez

Isaac Vasquez

Born in Sweden, he was born in the United States.

Born in Sweden, as part of a second generation of immigrants, to a Chilean, Christian mother and a Persian, Muslim father. Isaac grew up in a multicultural neighborhood located in Småland, southern Sweden. Since the age of three he has been expressing his emotions and thoughts through various artistic forms, but is most recognized as a photographer and musician.

Today as a Christian, Isaac uses his music and photography works to express and talk about God. Putting his passion into sharing his own experiences and those of others, finding in everyone the medium, Christian or not. Isaac describes his own way of creating as a spiritual connection with himself and each individual he meets/works with, focused on illuminating truth and mutual healing.

Isaac moves with a mission: to break down the walls of lies and embrace the unique beauty and common purpose of each.

During 2020 Isaac along with other colleagues started a project called Kolorál: Kolor ál souls. A project born with a vision to be fully guided by God to color all souls through art, rescuing the children of Jinja City, Uganda from the street.
This is a dream Isaac has had for many years: to help people who need it most, offering them the possibility to find their gifts and supporting them to realize their dreams. You can learn more about his project here.

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