Loida García


My name is Loida, and I'm glad my parents didn't call me Maria, because I have the most popular surname in Spain, Garcia. I was born in Barcelona in 1992. I studied film and started writing and filming my own projects since I was 16 years old. My art consists of representing that:the everyday is transcendental

In every corner I see flashes of beauty that speak of the invisible. In the morning light that invades a kitchen or in the hand of an old woman who recognizes a face. The love hidden in a coincidence or the supernatural peace that comes after a simple prayer from the bathroom of a disco.

The divine in the most human, the pure in the dirtiest, the eternal contained in a minute of my life. Through my art I want to bring the love of God in a real, honest and raw way.

Life is not fairy tales, it is not all black and white, in life earthly and heavenly things are in constant tension, and in that tension Jesus promises to break our bonds to bring us freedom, bring heaven to earth, bring the transcendental to the everyday.


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