Sarah Grunder

 Dani Gioia

Sarah is an artist and visual communicator from San Francisco, California, who is currently living in Barcelona. She works primarily with photography and video, but also uses mixed media and collage. Sarah uses visual language to communicate a unique perspective on life, community and identity, as well as to create symbols from the invisible. Her work is focused on contrast, feeling and the connection between emotions and art.
She studied visual journalism in college, which has influenced her work and provided a narrative perspective. Currently, she works with artist collectives and communities internationally, which inspires her and brings her different cultural perspectives. Her greatest desire is that people can get a perspective of heaven through her art and hear biblical truths they may have heard before, but this time in a new way that touches their heart and spirit. Sarah believes that the bottom of every heart longs for reconnection with ancient truth and with God. And that it is part of the artists' job to translate and communicate this to the world.

Her Products

Metal mug with collage, €15,90

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Art Prints with collages, €12,00

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Handmade fanzine, €18,00

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